LAke chala

One of the best things you can treat yourself to when in Moshi, is a visit
to Lake Chala. Located only 52 Kilometers away from Moshi town (an hour trip that also gives you a peep view of the Land of Kilimanjaro), the magnificent Lake Chala lies in a caldera about 100m from the surface.

The scenery from above is just as breathtaking as the descent (literally). Take a dive into the endless depths of its cool waters. Don't worry, the crocs are long gone!

kilimanjaro day trip

For those of us who are (how do I put this politely) not that into physical activity, challenge yourself to a three hour climb to the first camp of the Pride of Africa. The view from up there is breath taking. The descent is much faster and after that you can proudly say "Yes, I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro." No questions asked ;-)


hot springs

“Maji Chemka” translates to boiling water. The spring is the definition of Mother Nature's wonders. Its warm and clear waters are surrounded by green bushes which give it a wild yet beautiful character.

 The trip is a bit rough, but the destination is totally worth it. 
 Hold on to the rope and plunge into another world.


The Kilimanjaro region is blessed with an abundance of waterfalls. You can choose to visit the ones close to town or those that are an hour away, either way you win.

The relaxing sounds of water crushing on the ancient volcanic rocks will do your soul some good.

Remember that you might need to descend to some of the waterfalls. Choose the ones that you and your body are compatible with.