Mama Shoo Cultural Tourism Enterprise only employs local people from the Moshi area. By doing so we make sure that we use the potential and expertise in the community while at the same time giving back to the society by providing fair jobs. Our employees are able to send their children to schools and care for their families. We also invest in the education of our staff. Most of the team has received extra training from Mama Shoo Cultural Tourism on home economics, baking, cookery, batiking and marketing.


Do you wish to support education and health care?

We have long time relationships with local schools and health care center. We invite pupils to our place and teach them important capabilities. They learn about animal keeping, alternative energy like biogas and eco stove. Moreover we make them sensitive for environmental issues.

Schools and hospitals often have a lack of basic resources. For visitors with good will, who want to help by financing schoolbooks, lunches, medical equipment and buildings, we are happy to get you in touch with the appropriate project. 



One of our biggest goals is to maintain the environment and promote activities that help protect nature. Experts tell us that in a few years there will be no more glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro if the climate continues changing for the worse.


Here is how you can join us in protecting the environment and the climate: By donating just $1 you will receive a tree suppling that you can plant on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro or which our team can plan for you. Our team will water and fertilize the tree and we will send you photos and updates on how your plant is growing.