Experience tanzania like never before

Mama Shoo Cultural Tourism Enterprise is a great place to learn about Tanzanian culture. Our compound is located in Maili Sita, just outside Moshi. Since the Chagga people are the largest ethnic group around the Kilimanjaro area, we have specialised in presenting the Chagga culture to our guests. Here you can explore a traditional Chagga hut, visit our Chagga Museum to see historical tools and taste local dishes like cooked bananas.

You’ll also get a chance to see how batik fabrics are designed and dyed and you can even make your own!
Our large shop offers a wide assortment of handmade products from Tanzania. Here you’ll find traditional masks, animals and candle holders carved out of wood. We also have jewellery, batik products, leather shoes and the finest coffee from Kilimanjaro.